This is the first time I’ve written a “real” blog post. Maybe it will be the last. That depends on whether there’s a good reason to post. There are plenty of words, thoughts, ideas, photos, and all manner of other diversions available to any who use the Internet. The only justification for my adding to all that content is if I have something useful to say. Because I spend a lot of time writing and reading, I do find things that others write and some that my characters may say or think which might be useful. So the theme of this and any other posts I make here on my website will be things I find. They will be things that give me reason to stop and reflect, to wonder, and sometimes to smile or even laugh aloud. Because I am fascinated by how we humans tell our stories, some of the things I find and will pass along may be bits of conversation (like most writers, I eavesdrop) or dialogue from the things I read. I offer them to you with the hope that my “findings” might do for you what they do for me—make you wonder, reflect, or even smile or laugh aloud.

Here’s today’s. Lucy Moore, a friend whom I admire, has written of her work as a mediator and facilitator in Common Ground on Hostile Turf 

She speaks eloquently of mediation as a process. In the introduction, she offers the definition of mediation that she prefers. Lucy attributes the definition to Peter Adler…”what he does is simply help people tell their stories to each other. Once the table is set, the ground rules are in place, and parties take their seats, the mediator’s job…is to help people express themselves honestly and to ensure that others are genuinely listening.”

What did I do when I found that? I reflected on the times I was responsible for attempting to bring differing sides to agreement on solutions. I wondered if there had ever been a time attempting that when I “helped people tell their stories to each other” or if I been more focused on my own version of the desired solution or worse yet, perhaps I’d told my own story rather than listening to theirs. What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like me to share more of the things I find, I’d appreciate knowing that, too.

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