Sue Jane Sullivan

  • Managing a concession stand (Senior Class Sponsor)
  • Riding shotgun with newly-licensed teenage drivers (Driver education teacher)
  • Conjugating verbs (Spanish teacher)
  • Chauffeuring debate students to weekend tournaments (Speech coach)
  • Cajoling Wrangler clad boys to imagine themselves as Romeo (teaching Shakespeare in high school English)
  • Editing feature articles about the all school reunion (teaching journalism)
  • Inventing examples of supply and demand that will strike a chord with the children of local ranchers (teaching economics)

That list contains only a few of the items in the repertoire of writer Sue Jane Sullivan. A multi-tasking teacher in a small rural school, Sue Jane has enjoyed a twenty-seven year career that has included all of those responsibilities, usually several in the same semester’s assignment.

Her job as an educator in a predominantly agricultural-based community has also provided many opportunities to observe life in the country. From listening to her mother’s stories of growing up on a Texas farm, Sue Jane has connected her own experiences with those of her mother’s family in Fisher County, Texas. The result is a deep appreciation and respect for those whose lives and livelihood are tied to the land. That strong affection is evident in her book, 100 Doses: Capsules of Advice and Wisdom for the Health and Well-being of Farm and Ranch Women, co-authored with Teddy Jones.

From teaching her two daughters the joys of writing by holding Monday night letter-writing sessions to motivating and entertaining her students with humorous original poems, Sue Jane has made it her personal crusade to make others aware of the power of the written word. She writes feature articles for newspapers and publishes a newsletter entitled “A New Song” through which she shares personal reflections on a wide range of subjects, each from a perspective of spiritual exploration and growth. That same perspective, of the power of language and its value in personal exploration and growth, forms the basis for her essays in 100 Doses.