Left Early, Arrived Late

This slim book conveys an unconventional biography of an unconventional woman. Marcia Muth, Memory Painter, emerges through a series of scenes from her life, a long life that began in 1919.

“It was a good childhood,” Muth says, reflecting on her early years. But her perspective is at odds with the “good childhood” prescribed by most theories of human development. For that reason, James Hillman’s myth enriched book, The Soul’s Code, serves as guide for this tale of a remarkable artistic life. Hillman tells us that each soul has an accompanying daimon that knows that soul’s destiny and serves as its impetus.

A life such as Muth’s, that has consistently run counter to typical roles and expectations— of children, of females, of career development, of most of Muth’s contemporaries —lends credence to the notion that norms are meaningless when applied to individuals.

Muth, accurately described at various points in her life as odd child, ward of the state, professional librarian, poet, entrepreneur, Jew, estranged daughter, mentor, caretaker, visionary, Living Treasure, and Memory Painter, permitted extensive interviews for this book. Friends and acquaintances from throughout her life also provided important information. Her art and her poetry tell parts of her story and photographs trace the subject of the scenes through her years. The result is Left Early, Arrived Late, a biography that is uncommon, as is its subject, Marcia Muth, Memory Painter.

Web Bonus – The author invites you to take a tour of an imaginary art gallery showing “paintings” related to this book. Enter Gallery Tour.

Order from Amazon.com, Sunstonepress.com, or your favorite bookseller.

Order from Amazon.com, Sunstonepress.com, or your favorite bookseller.