Halfwide: A Novel

Dorothy Faye Bell feels like a criminal.  Her part of the scheme that is her husband’s latest adventure is to pose as a visitor in several West Texas hospitals to justify parking their only dwelling, a twenty-eight foot travel trailer, on the hospitals’ visitor parking lots—free.  After thirty-three years of marriage, Dorothy Faye does what she usually does, what she thinks a good wife should.  She jokes as they give away their furniture.  She quits her job as a care attendant, packs her New York Times Crossword Puzzles book  and not much else, and hits the road, smiling even when she’s irritated.  Along the way Harold’s adventure becomes a quest for knowledge of his father and for Dorothy Faye, a journey of discovery.  She finds a person she had forgotten, or never really knew, herself.  The people she meets and the lessons she learns during their odd trip in summer 2000 puzzle her, challenge her and leave her with a new awareness of purpose in her life.