100 Doses

100 Doses: Capsules of Wisdom and Advice For The Health and Well-Being of Farm and Ranch Women

Finalist in the 2007 New Mexico Book Awards

By Teddy Jones and Sue Jane Sullivan

They know who you are and appreciate your commitment to an agricultural life. In “100 Doses”, authors Jones and Sullivan offer advice and wisdom in capsule-sized doses to improve the health and well-being of farm and ranch women. But this is not your typical self-help book. Its examples are from your life; its suggestions fit your situation; its encouragement affirms your important role and that of all the women of the land who have helped maintain American agriculture.

The 100 essays in this book will raise your awareness of the importance of your health, suggest ways to maintain your well-being and lift your spirits. And you’ll find yourself smiling because you recognize the people and places
that are their source. The widowed grandmother who managed alone to keep the family farm, the husband who forgets to eat breakfast because there are cattle to tend and the child who wants to drive the family pickup on the county roads are all people you know. With its direct connection to your life and its practical advice on health and well-being, this book is just the prescription for every farm and ranch woman. Take it! It will be good for you. These capsules will go down easily- no spoonful of sugar required.